Bubba's Smokeshack BBQ

About Us

Welcome to the all about us page.  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Ryan, and I am Bubba.  Along with myself is my lovely bride Angie, and together we make up Bubba's Smokeshack BBQ.  Our history started in 1996 when we began our lives together.  One of the things that we have in common is the enjoyment of cooking, indoors and out.  We began to dabble in the BBQ about a year after we were married when I was planning to build a smoker.  ( I was a welder at a previous place of employment.)  While in the planning stage I had a co worker that sold me his.  A good investment.  That is how it began.  As I began to stop burning up good meat, my wife purchased a New Branfuels Bandera smoker.  That is where we began to develop techniques for what we do.  We also began cooking Cowboy Style using open pits and Dutch ovens.  As a few years went by my job was affected by the 9/11 terrorist attack.  My aviation job was no longer needed and was laid off.  We went into a dormant stage where I hadn't lit a fire in the smoker for about 2 1/2 to 3 years.  When my younger brother got married he asked us to cater it and with the help of a friend we had a smoker capable of handling our needs.  We had also been asked to cater other events after that and have been smokin' ever since.  In March of 2007 we ordered our Smoker from Smokey Joes Smokers out of Nowata, Oklahoma.  It was delivered in late April of '07.  In June of '07 we entered in our first Competition at Cowtown in Wichita Kansas and did rather well overall and recieved a 3rd place ribbon in the Ribs Category.  We have competed in 2 others since cowtown.  Dodge City, where we didn't fair very well at all. Park City we walked away with a 10th place ribbon in our Ribs again.  We are really committed to being 1st class cooks, and are striving to prove it on the competition circuit.  With the help from "Our Three Sons" and family we will be top contenders!!!  Well, have I bored you enough yet or has the cotton eyed joe been permanently been scarred into your head?  Sorry about that hehehe.

Thanks for listening to our Story

God Bless Ya!!!

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